62 grain otm

The 5. Inthe larger 7. At the time of selection there had been criticism that the recoil power of the 7. The British had extensive evidence through their own experimentation with intermediate cartridges since and were on the point of adopting a. The FN company had also been involved in the development of the. The development of the cartridge that eventually became the. The cartridge and rifle were developed as one unit by Fairchild Industries, Remington Arms, and several engineers working toward a goal developed by U.

Early development work began in A project to create a small-calibre, high-velocity SCHV firearm was created. Eugene Stoner of Armalite was invited to scale down the AR 7.

Winchester was also invited to participate. Springfield Armory 's Earle Harvey lengthened the. It was then known as the. Harvey was ordered to cease all work on the SCHV to avoid any competition of resources. Eugene Stoner of Armalite a division of Fairchild Industries had been advised to produce a scaled-down version of the 7. Stoner and Sierra Bullet's Frank Snow began work on the. Testing was done with a Remington rifle with a inch Apex barrel.

62 grain otm

During a public demonstration the round successfully penetrated the U. But testing showed chamber pressures to be excessively high. Stoner contacted both Winchester and Remington about increasing the case capacity.

Remington created a larger cartridge called the.Open-tip match I understand, i. OK, I give up Never heard of "rear penetrating" before. As I understand it, it's similar to the Hornady Trophy Bear Claw ammo, but designed for military use to replace the M green-tip penetrator round.

It has an open tip like the long range match target ammo, a lead core, and a solid copper shank in the rear or the bullet. It's supposed to be deflected less after penetrating light cover like doors or windshields. That's the idea, anyway. My Pictures. Or is the root word of Penetrate 'Pennance'? It's a sorry bullet? Originally Posted by kc-griz.

62 grain otm

Designed as a replacement for the M "green tip" round, this ammunition is virtually identical to cartridges currently being issued to Special Forces units fighting in Afghanistan. With a reverse drawn copper jacket giving it better penetrating capability; this "barrier blind" bullet has significantly less deflection when fired through light cover such as doors, windows, and thin walled structures.

The linked slide show states test results with accuracy and precision results.

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Sign In. View Cart 0. Home Shop by Category Rifle Ammunition. Filter Results Browse By. View as: Grid List. Show: 50 All All In Stock. Black Hills. Buy Now More Info. Black Hills 5. Prvi Partizan 5. Out of stock. Aguila 5. Australian Outback. Barnes Precision Match 5.

Barnes RangeAR 5. Bite The Bullet. Black Bear. Brown Bear. Buffalo Bore Sniper. Federal 5. Federal American Eagle. Federal American Eagle 5. Federal American Eagle Tactical Tracer 5. Federal Fusion. Federal Fusion Modern Sporting Rifle. Federal Lake City 5. Federal Power-Shok. Federal Premium Gold Medal.

Federal Premium Gold Medal Berger. Federal Premium V-Shok. Fiocchi Exacta.Picture hosting, Exclusive club forum, Premium recognition, and more website access are only a click away! Most folks would be far better off practicing with what they have, rather than worrying about what is "best".

As long as you know your what your weapon and ammo can realistically accomplish, it is all just a matter of training and shot placement. I would much rather go into battle with a guy who practices 15, rounds a year using generic 55 gr FMJ out of his old M16A1 than with some guy that has the latest state-of-the-art ammo and rifle, but only shoots rounds a year.

If you need to delve into the arcane subject of agency duty ammunition selection, below are the state of the art choices in 5. The best LE 5. The Hornady 5. Note that these are all true 5. Most other acceptable LE barrier blind loadings are at. NONE of the fragmenting 5. In those situations where intermediate barrier penetration is not a critical requirement, for example LE urban entries or long range shots in open conditions, then OTM, JHP, and standard JSP loads can offer acceptable performance.

The experimental BH loaded gr OTM exhibits impressive fragmentation, even at relatively low velocities, however while capable of shooting out toit is optimized for and under. Again it is critical to keep in mind that the above loads fail to offer adequate penetration through intermediate barriers.

Short barreled 5.

Open Tip Match: When a “Hollow Point” is Not a Hollow Point

Keep in mind, that with non-fragmenting bullet designs, heavier bullet weights are not necessarily better, especially at closer ranges and from shorter barrels. As long as penetration and upset remain adequate, it is possible to use lighter weight non-fragmenting bullets and still have outstanding terminal performance.

62 grain otm

With fragmenting designs, a heavier bullet is ideal, as it provides more potential fragments and still allows the central core to have enough mass for adequate penetration. In addition, heavier bullets may have an advantage at longer ranges due to better BC and less wind drift.

Also, be cautious with the exposed lead on some JSP designs. Often they will run great for up to rounds, but then mysterious feeding failures will begin as a result of lead build-up on the feed ramps. I have personally seen this occur with a variety of JSP's including 55 gr, 60 gr, and 64 gr in LE training courses.

Be sure to watch your ammo storage conditions. Temperatures above deg F will degrade the powder and cause pressure spikes.Because rifles are typically much more effective when compared to handguns as it relates to stopping a threat.

In fact, most people shot with handguns live. Rifles on the other hand are much more effective. Plus, because you are more likely to have your handgun with you when you might need to defend your life from a violent criminal, I felt the handgun ammunition info was way more important to get out there quickly.

And then, because of multiple reader requests I followed it up with a couple more articles on handgun ammunition that answered some common questions:. It also goes a bit more into the extensive testing process that all the recommended self-defense ammmo should have. Before we begin, I feel it is important to quote the respected Dr.

Gary Roberts from FirearmsTactical. Again, all credit for this list goes to Dr. Gary Roberts. As long as you know your what your weapon and ammo can realistically accomplish, it is all just a matter of training and shot placement.

I would much rather go into battle with a guy who practices 15, rounds a year using generic 55 gr FMJ out of his old M16A1 than with some guy that has the latest state-of-the-art ammo and rifle, but only shoots rounds a year.

If you need to delve into the arcane subject of agency duty ammunition selection, below are the state of the art choices in 5. Because your twist rate will determine what the optimal ammunition for your rifle is. The most common AR barrel twist rates are:.

Can stabilize most of the heavy bullets too. Can be used for 40gr varmit rounds, may not stabilize heavier weight projectiles. This is a reference to how the bullet performs in ballistic gelatin AFTER it has passed through an intermediate barrier.

In other words, can it shoot through some type of barrier and still perform well in the ballistic gelatin. This can greatly affect how the bullet performs in real life because most criminals are NOT naked and many times are not standing straight in front of you giving you a perfect silhouette shot! Further, they may be behind car windows or you may be stuck in your car and have to shoot through your own window.

An intruder might be hiding behind your couch in your home. Common testing of these bullets could be a three event IWBA International Wound Ballistics Association type test using bare gelatin, 4 layer denim, and auto windshield tests all at 10 feet. Thus, in this following list Barrier Blind ammunition is recommended first, with other options discussed. The entire shooting world owes a lot of gratitude to one Dr. He is a subject matter expert SME on ammunition and terminal ballistics.

Roberts has an approved Duty 5. Black Hills 5. Prices accurate at time of writing. NOTE: that these are all true 5.Playing around with my calculator a while ago led me to an interesting combo. For the sake of argument is there anything particularity special about M and 77 grain bullets?

Or why not Wolf 55 grain and 77 TMK? Believe it or not, there is a very specific reason I chose M and 75 grain bullets for my reloads.

Since I wanted to keep a stockpile of blasting ammo, I chose m but began to notice something. I experimented with both 55 grain M and 77 gr Sierra Tipped Match King and found that they are right on top of each other in trajectory. Using the same plan of a yard zero for M and a yard zero for black hills 77 gr TMK we can see that these two projectiles are perfectly balanced with each other to around yards: the low BC 55 grain bullet travels so fast that its velocity keeps it even with the slower but more aerodynamic 77 gr TMK.

This is even more exciting than my own 75 grain loading vs M The only change I need to make is to go up 2 clicks to a yard zero before I start adding vertical clicks from my dope card. So its nice that these two projectiles match in vertical drop, but what about horizontal wind adjustments? The easiest way to simply add another column to your dope card with the 77 grain data in place.

The quick and dirty method is to use the M data and simply subtract a minute from yards of windage, and from to yards subtract 2 minutes of windage for a 10mph crosswind. Keep things simple, look for patterns, and find loadings that compliment each other so as not to cause you confusion.

Boom Goes the Dynamite. Wish there were more BDC options for a 20 inch gun? Don't we all. Some readers are using a BUIS as the primary sighting system for their rifle. Defensive application of the A2 iron sights needs a bit of discussion.

Federal 5.56 T556TNB1 62gr OTM Mod0 (SOST) Ballistics Gel Test (HD)

Thanks for the info. What is your load data?Log in or Sign up. Jan 16, 1. Winchester Imported some 62gr 5. Pretty high reviews. Has been selling really fast, so I bought 2 cases of it. Really nice looking stuff. Sealed primers, sealed bullets, and crimped primers. What's not to like. The primer color and brass seems to be the same.

But, the 4 crimps around the primer shouts Carl Gustav plant. OldoutlawJan 16, Caveman JimVikingbluez and 3 others like this. Jan 17, 2. I need some more 62gr ammo. Dallas53Jan 17, Oldoutlaw likes this.

Jan 17, 3. Carl Gustafs is good stuff! Dallas53Rifling82 and Oldoutlaw like this. Jan 17, 4. OldoutlawJan 17, Dallas53 and Rifling82 like this. Jan 17, 5. Dallas53 likes this. Jan 17, 6.

62 grain otm

Sam, the SGAmmo owner just sent me an email about this stuff. Sam says they will have more of this but not sure how soon. He says Winchester has the ammo in stock, but they are slow in filling orders and shipping. I put myself on the Notify list to be emailed when available. I would sure like to be able to visit his place in Oklahoma some day. Caveman JimDallas53 and Rifling82 like this.

Jan 20, 7. I also put myself on "notify". This is good stuff. Carry quality real world ammo.

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