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Heavy Metal Rarities Forum. Headcrasher Ita - Introspection The Devil's Music. Happy Easter JRD Best songs compilation. The Online Cyprus Metal Portal. Crystal Logic. Metal Nerdism Vol.

Spader Ess. Mad Blasts Of Chaos. Mad Blasts On You Tube. La Maquina Infernal. Portugal 80s Metal. Farbror Punk minns sitt tal. Saxat ur Veckorevyn - Fem favoriter Efva Attling. Heavy Metal Time Machine. Invictus-Burst The Curse.James Talley is an American singer-songwriter. James Talley had finally seen his debut album recorded and released on Capitol Records in It wasn't much of a seller, but was a hit with the critics. Capitol gave the go-ahead for a follow-up, which saw release the next year.

Tryin' Like The Devil was a continuation and development of the understated country-folk sound of its predecessor, showcasing another fantastic collection of distinctive songs, this time with a lyrical focus on hard times, poverty and working life. Among the new songs were a few real highlights, some of his very best songs. Art Neville - All These Things Art Neville was born in New Orleans inand grew up with his three younger brothers Charles, Aaron and Cyril surrounded by music.

They had a regional hit in with "Mardi Gras Mambo", which remains a much-loved New Orleans carnival anthem to this day. He also recorded as a solo artist for the Specialty label in the late 50s, but his music career was interrupted by a stint in the US Navy.

On returning in the early 60s, he recorded for Joe Banashak's Instant label, with Allen Toussaint producing and writing much of the material.

The one song to become a regional hit was the wonderful Toussaint-penned ballad "All These Things". In his brother Aaron had a huge hit with the single "Tell It Like It Is", and Art went on tour with him as his keyboard player and manager.

Unfortunately they never recorded. The group split when Art found he had a unique musical connection with members Leo Nocentelli, George Porter and Zigaboo Modeliste, and they went out on their own under the name The Meters. A couple of singles came out with Art singing, but by they were forging ahead as an instrumental group playing their own unique brand of stripped-down funk. This short compilation brings together a number of loose ends from Art Neville's career prior to The Meters' first album, though it does not include his Specialty recordings as they can be found on an extensive compilation of their own.

Dion - You're Not Alone Dion is an American singer-songwriter, best known for his string of hits in the early 60s. Coming after the stripped-down, solo acoustic performances of Sit Down Old Friendit was notable for featuring full band arrangements again, but still with an intimate acoustic focus.

discography blogspot

Ultimately it generated pretty much nothing in the way of commercial success, but surely stands out as one of the very best albums from this fruitful phase of his recording career.

Otis Redding was a highly influential American singer and songwriter, considered one of the most important artists of the soul genre. His fame continued to grow and his music went on to reach an even larger audience after his death, and as there was a lot of unreleased material still waiting to be heard more Otis Redding albums were inevitable.

The Immortal Otis Redding was the second such posthumous release, and four of its songs became chart hits when released as singles in Santana - Caravanserai Santana are a band who have been active since the late s, based around guitarist and leader Carlos Santana, and known for their fusion of rock and latin music. After three highly acclaimed albums that saw them successfully fuse rock with jazz and Latin music, the band Santana underwent a few changes. Bassist David Brown and percussionist Michael Carabello both left, and during the recording of the fourth album their roles were taken over by various musicians.

The end result was a very different album from the first three, not really representing the sound of a unified band. Instead it came across more as a loose jam session between a large cast of musicians, with the band's jazz leanings well to the front, and only three vocal songs among seven instrumentals.

It made for a great record, but lacking anything that could be considered for a single release it was unsurprisingly not a commercial success. Ultimately Caravanserai marked the start of a new chapter in Santana's career, as the band moved away from rock and towards a more experimental and complex sound. Both Gregg Rolie and guitarist Neal Schon left the group after its release - they went on to become founding members of Journey.

Levon Helm was an American singer, musician and actor, best known for his role as drummer for The Band. He made the decision to become a musician after seeing bluegrass pioneer Bill Monrow perform, and subsequently took up both guitar and drums - he was playing in local bars and clubs by the time he was 17 years old.

After graduating high school he became the drummer for The Hawks, the backing group of rockabilly artist Ronnie Hawkins. With Hawkins he made the move to Toronto, Canada, where southern rockabilly acts were very popular at the time. He stayed with Hawkins for many years, as his mentor recruited a number of young Canadian musicians into the band, which eventually led to the line-up of Helm, guitarist Robbie Robertson, bassist Rick Dankopianist Richard Manuel and organist Garth Hudson.

discography blogspot

In they became the unlikely backing band of Bob Dylan following his move into electric rock music, and they embarked on a world tour with him.Our vision is to create a collection of the most important artists and albums of these genres, a musical encyclopaedia if you will. We hope that this passion can unify us all in our utmost respect for the purveyors of the music we love so much.

Enjoy it and Bless you all Brothers and Sisters. One of the great forgotten sounds of mids Funk was the Washington D. Though best later known…. Diana Ross is an iconic superstar. This album, originally released in when Diana was 29 and at the height of her popularity is one of the most cohesive of her career. The title track was her 2nd solo No1 in the US and came…. Looking at the credits,…. The band is still in fine fine form, with none of the fast-funk or proto-disco of some later recordings….

A very nice mix of Southern soul with a splash of smooth soul and funk here from Miami soul singer, Betty Wright. Leon Haywood came from Houston. He was born there in and he was already playing the piano by the age of three. Haywood started playing in bands when he was a teenager. Eventually he moved to Los Angeles, where he began to work with…. Killer southern soul album. Born in Miami, Florida, Cheeks is the daughter of gospel legend Rev. Julius Cheeks.

Cheeks moved to Germany in and…. A really touching material and performance. An underrated album, I would say. From the suspenseful, interlude-like intro to the adamant vocal delivery, the single had…. I love old Atlantic Records, the quality of the covers, the thickness of the vinyl.

Wilfully Obscure

This album is mostly covers of top hits circa Our Vision Our vision is to create a collection of the most important artists and albums of these genres, a musical encyclopaedia if you will. Our Passion We hope that this passion can unify us all in our utmost respect for the purveyors of the music we love so much.

Subscribe to our Newsletter. Latest Albums with reviews. Latest Albums without reviews. Mail will not be published but it's used for avatar.Sunday, April 12, Fire one for losing and two for hiding Posted by spavid at PM No comments:. Sunday, April 5, Pain is only a pulse if you just stop feeling it Here's the expanded edition of a debut this band was never able to quite top.

Even though we had a full day's warning that Adam had contracted this miserable and in his case lethal illness it wasn't enough to prepare us for what became the inevitable. Then again, an otherwise healthy person dying at merely 52 hardly seems inevitable to most of us.

Posted by spavid at PM 6 comments:. Sunday, March 29, Let's not talk about my best friend. He's not my friend anymore. Posted by spavid at PM 4 comments:. Golden Calgarians - Guitar Curse ep It should come as no surprise that a band named the Golden Calgarians hailed from Calgary, Alberta.

1001 Albums

With that near-obvious fact out of the way, this appears to be one of the quartet's final releasespreceded by two full lengths I have yet to hear a note of. Said to have gigged with the likes of D. The gents bore a sardonic edge, that thankfully didn't supersede their overarching shtick. The lead-off title cut packs the same kind of wily edge and slicing guitarwork their contemporaries the Screaming Blue Messiahs had a penchant for, while the chiming "Summer of '87" is more attuned to my sensibilities.

On the back sleeve the Calgarians give a shout out to the Sioux Indians "for keeping the spirit of rock alive. Four songs total, one's just right for you. Guitar Curse Summer of '87 Night of Miracles I Feel Like Posted by spavid at PM 2 comments:. Posted by spavid at AM 2 comments:. As Dan Vallor's liner notes in Across the Barrier This final incarnation of the group settled upon a quartet with Miller recruiting The Three O'Clock's and interestingly enough, former Game Theory producer Michael Quercio to handle bass and accompanying vocals.

discography blogspot

You might say the only hindrance of this lineup really pursuing a sixth proper Game Theory record was quite literally the tyranny of distance with Scott and Ray continuing to reside in their established stead of the Bay Area, and Michael and Jozef's reluctance to relocate from the L. Many of the songs, while not fully realized in the studio with the newly constituted Game Theory appeared in finished form on Plants and Birds and Rocks and Thingsthe debut album from Scott's spinoff band The Loud Family in The song Across The Barrier Of Sound: PostScript is if anything else a bit scattershot, presentation-wise anyway, with a good ten songs relegated as "bonus tracks," which is a bit confusing for a mock-up of an album that was never conceived in any tangible form to begin with.

You might say the Script quotient of the title is wholly appropriate since none of these songs made it to full fruition under the guise of Game Theory.

Listening to his "solo" traipses is not unlike witnessing the intermediate construction phase of a home - a relatively sturdy foundation had been poured and the frame was undeniably taking shape - but Miller was nowhere close to breaking out the paint cans, or even driving the last nail into the roof.

That being said, there's a bundle of sheer jewels in the gestation phase to enjoy here - "Laurel Canyon," "Treat It Like My Own" and "the Come On," all possessed The earmarks of classic Game Theory and would have made pristine additions to the band's storied catalog.

Furthermore, there's a bevy of prototypes that eventually made the migration to that aforementioned first Loud Family record - full band recorded versions plus supplemental acoustic demos of "Inverness" and "Idiot Son," alongside homegrown takes of "The Second Grade Applauds," "Even You," and the phenomenal "Go Back To Sleep Little Susie Aerodeliria.Tuesday, May 25, David Ackles - David Ackles Track Listing 1.

The Road To Cairo 2. When Love Is Gone 3. Sonny Come Home 4. Blue Ribbons 5.

The New Abnormal: A Guide To The Strokes

What A Happy Day 6. Down River 7. Laissez-Faire 8. Lotus Man 9. His Name Is Andrew Be My Friend Review Many moons ago I reviewed Ackles' third album, American Gothic, which was, frankly one of the greatest discoveries of this whole list. As an album it is markedly more minimalist than American Gothic, mainly voice guitar and organ, it doesn't have the grandiose arrangement of his later work.

I would not say that it makes it better, but it makes it different and quite interesting. What it also shows is that Ackles really doesn't need that much to make strong, affecting songs. Pretty much every track here is amazing, and while Ackles follows a more pop structure here than in his later career, he still manages to develop his tracks to amazingly epic levels.

Criticised at the time for not having "enough melody" it sounds surprisingly modern exactly because of its epic minimalism Track Highlights 1. His Name is Andrew 2. Blue Ribbons 3. Laissez-Faire 4. The album's general mood is dark, unveiling what Piero Scaruffi described as Ackles' "eclectic and depressed talent". His name is Andrew, sorry for the crackling vinyl but it was all I could find:.

discography blogspot

Posted by Francisco Silva at Tuesday, May 25, 13 comments:. Monday, May 24, Chuck Berry - The Great 28 Hits Maybellene 2.Kanye West Feat. Drake - Trust Issues Fire!!!! Drake Feat. Jay-Z - H. Rick Ross - Made Men Kanye West - Pretty Girl Rock Drake - Tony Montana Kanye West - ET Drake - Wildfire Nicki Minaj - Blazin Young Jeezy - Unforgettable Snoop Dogg - Eyez Closed Kanye West - Mama's Boyfriend Drake - Dreams Money Can Buy DJ Fonzy - Check-Out.

Posted by yang at PM 0 comments. Labels: DrakeKanye West. Intro Crime Story MurderGram Sincerity What These Bitches Want Blackout X Is Coming For You Blown Away Slippin' My Niggas For My Dogs DJ Moeskieno Mix Hows It Going Down It's Murda What's My Name Yonkers Anthem Sunday, April 5, Small Faces - Small Faces — Side A :. Hello The Universal. The Autumn Stone. The War of The Worlds.

Side B :. Red Balloon. What You Will. Growing Closer. Wrist Job. Continuing our weekly Social Distancing bonus reconstructions, this a long-requested one. This is a reconstruction of the unfinished final Small Faces album, Recorded throughoutSmall Faces broke up before finishing the album. Several of the tracks would instead eventually appear on their posthumous collection The Autumn Stone. This reconstruction attempts to present as a completed album, using the best quality stereo mixes of the material.

The theoretical fourth album was titlednamed after the metal plaque on the hundred-year-old chapel owned by Marriott, where the band rehearsed. The two finished songs were released as a single at the end of the month, but failed to mimic their previous success, despite being better compositions with more refined arrangement and production. The rest of the band detested the idea, and they soldered on as a quartet.

Being in a state of confusion, uncertainty and debt to their label, the band accepted but somehow found Peter Frampton joining their ranks from the recommendation of either Marriott or Johns. The perceptions of the resultant album Riviere Ouvre Ton were contrasting; while McLagan and drummer Kenney Jones thought the sessions were awful, Marriott relished the opportunity to work with Frampton and took this as a sign to restart anew.

By the end of the year, the quintet began recording their debut album, First Stepwhich had a very rootsy atmosphere. This was the final say ofits scraps littering The Autumn Stone and as various CD reissue bonus tracks and as a living mystery in the minds of Small Faces fans.

Toby also mentions he no longer had the songbook, so he had to have been listing them from memory. Can his recollection be trusted?

Earth - Hex; Or Printing In The Infernal Method (2005)

We will use this as a simple guidepost to reconstruct and try to logically fill in the gaps. For my reconstruction, we will take all these facts into account, but primarily intending to make an that sound musically cohesive. We will also exclusively use Small Faces mixes found on the Here Come The Nice box set, being all stereo remixes that sound simply exquisite, as opposed to the crud on The Autumn Stone.

We will also rely on the several instrumental tracks, but we will appropriately fade them out to make them of a concise length and spread them throughout the album. Additionally, we will use some tracks from As Safe As Yesterday Is and First Stepsince a few of their tracks dated from the era and, fortunately for us, sound sonically similar to the finished tracks anyways. Lossless FLAC. Sources used :. Faces — First Step Rhino remaster. Labels:, folkpoprocksmall faces.

March Upgrade.

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