Harry finds a book about old magic fanfiction

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Six-year-old Harry Potter glanced around in amazement. For the first time in his life, he had just entered a bookshop. It was a small bookshop on a side street, and his aunt merely dragged Dudley and Harry into the shop to look for a guidebook about Majorca, where the three Dursleys were going to spend their winter holidays.

While Petunia was eagerly checking the ' Travel ' section and Dudley was disinterestedly standing in a corner, sucking his thumb, Harry skimmed the shelf in front of him with interest. The background was green, and golden symbols decorated the four corners. I wonder if they have any meaning ,' Harry mused as he tried to figure out what the animals were that were playing in the middle of the front cover.

Completely forgetting his surroundings, Harry hesitantly opened the interesting book. However, the first page was written in some kind of old letters, which Harry couldn't read. Before he could realise what was happening, a small whirlwind began whipping gently around him. It became stronger and stronger, and Harry couldn't see anything, until it calmed down again. He curiously looked around, noticing that the bookshop, Aunt Petunia, and Dudley were gone.

Instead, he found himself just in front of the exact scenery the drawing in the book showed. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Harry Potter. Six-year-old Harry Potter finds a strange, very magical book, which on a harmless touch changes his whole life. Prologue 2. A baby's voice 3. Digging the dungeons 4. The tripping staircases 5. Learning to forget 6. Getting ready 7. Book travel 8. The Sorting 9. Classes Full moon Midnight's duel Another ostrich Christmas Dark spirits Study rooms Sumer holidays The Marauders Map The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

Your review has been posted.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words The secret was never supposed to be discovered. When fate caused two young women to bump into one another and for a terrible secret to form they never expected that it would ever be exposed.

Harry comes to a shocking conclusion about his parentage when he wakes up at St. The Blacks and Malfoys now have a new addition to their illustrious lines. Sirius is Harry's father.

harry finds a book about old magic fanfiction

What will happen when he has to decide which side he will be on in the upcoming war? The Emperor was tired. After years of concubines he finally wanted something more. He wanted someone to last, to live the ages with him. He needed a Consort. Like any son of English wizards Rigel prepares to enter Hogwarts, what he doesn't know is that his life is about to change forever If you want to know who Rigel is and what adventures are haunting him in the school of magicians?

After losing Sirius at the Department of Mysteries Harry is left abandoned, lost and alone with her uncaring relatives for the summer. She somehow finds herself sharing dreams with Lord Voldemort who quickly discovers that she is his horcrux, changing the terms of the game between them forever. Because not only is she a part of himself that he is now determined to reclaim, but thanks to the terms outlined in a centuries old will she is also the key to him claiming his birthright and conquering Magical Britain once and for all.

Draco/Harry Fanfic Recs

And nothing is as seductive to the abandoned as someone who truly wants them. Regulus Black survived his journey in the cave with Kreacher's help.

However, for the past decade he's been in a coma. When he wakes up and realizes he's Harry Potter's father he'll do anything necessary to get his son back. Harry's always had the ability to change his features. It is an ability he's loved no matter how much it made his relatives hate him. Harry never realized that his ability also hid just who his real parents were. Harry Potter is no more.

35 Harry Potter Erotica Fanfics to Fulfill Every Fantasy

Petunia finds a child on her doorstep one cold morning in November, she chooses to raise the child as her own. However, once the accidental magic becomes too much for even her to handle, he makes the painful decision to see if there are any magical relatives willing to raise her niece. Someone's hiding something.

And Aries Black and Draco Malfoy both seem to think it's the sorcerer's stone. And both of them will be damned before they let the other one get to it first.

Unlike her brother she has always been closer to their mother and her family. Growing up she was torn between the two, between the light and the dark. When Harry starts changing the twins seem to be the only ones who notice. With the drawing of his name from the Goblet of Fire, Harry turns to the only ones in the world who seem to believe him, and with their help what will come to light?

The loss of magic had started, as do many things like it, with good intentions. The past century, it was reasoned, had been overshadowed by two of the worst Dark Lords in history. What better way, then, to make sure it never happened again than to stop it before it started? After all it was a well-known fact that those with an affinity for Dark Magic were born with it, so why not tackle the problem at the source?While AFF and its agents attempt to remove all illegal works from the site as quickly and thoroughly as possible, there is always the possibility that some submissions may be overlooked or dismissed in error.

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Invalid E-mail. Password: password is required. Minimum 8 characters8. Exceeded 32 characters. Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. Net Adult-FanFiction. Password Reset. Update Account. After a rocky start, Hermione and Severus Snape have been enjoying a wonderful, burgeoning relationship. Now that her contract with Lucius Malfoy has come to a close, Hermione is free to offer her submission to Severus, and in so doing, take her relationship with him to the next level.

She finally has what she has wanted from the beginning. Will unforeseen obstacles cause her path to change? Join us as we learn the answer to this question and more. Retribution By : hpluv3r Published : January 21, Rolf Scamander has never met a woman like Luna Lovegood.Experience the magic. Discover the artistry of Jim Kay. The wizarding world brought to life. Buckbeak the Hippogriff.

Professor Severus Snape. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy playing Quidditch. Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. Aragog, Harry and Ron. Harry, the basilisk and Fawkes. Fawkes the Phoenix. Explore the details of Jim Kay's sketches. A Panorama Section of Diagon Alley. Study of gnomes by Jim Kay. Diagon Alley.

Study of potions bottles by Jim Kay. Drawing of a troll by Jim Kay. Study of the greenhouses by Jim Kay. How to study like a wizard. Online Exhibit Potions A vital skill in witchcraft, also used to create remedies. Online Exhibit Herbology The study of plants and plant lore. Online Exhibit Charms From charmed objects to love spells.

Online Exhibit Astronomy The study of the night sky. Online Exhibit Divination The magical art of predicting the future.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Dumbledore receives a mysterious package, the contents of which could change the course of history. Much to Harry's dismay. Luffy is not only reading a book but wants to share his favourite fandom with Law.

Law, however, has some serious doubts Luffy even knows what a book is, let alone having actually read one. Hope Potter never expected to be a witch, nor did she expect there to be books about how her life would turn out. Then again, is anything ever predictable when magic comes to play?

Steve glances over Bucky's romance shelf. In the notes, there's a little more about why Bucky has feels about those books. Sirius would not stand by and let his godson Harrison James Potter-Black Harry James Potter to anyone not family be in danger any longer.

Watch out wizarding Britain the Black Family is coming together to protect their youngest member and they won't let anyone stand in their way. This is a cover for my fanfiction Read Your Life. HP ne m'appartient pas. Someone from the future has sent back books of Harry's life for Hogwarts and Company to read. All truths will be revealed and new enemies will be made, new friendships formed.

Hogwarts students and staff, Madame Maxime, Igor Karakoroff, Ministry Officials, goblins, and other personal are forced to watch them. What will be found out? When a series of books are discovered detailing the first five years of Harry Potter's school career, Dolores Umbridge is excited, the teachers are worried, the students are curious, and Harry Potter is mortified. Watch how the future of our beloved characters is changed beyond recognition, but will this better the future, or worsen it?

Umbridge finds seven books about Harry Potter from another dimension in the Room of Requirement and decides to read them aloud to the school in an ill-advised attempt to discredit Dumbledore.

Hilarity ensues. One day a set of seven books appeared in the Great Hall, along with a mysterious note and some visitors. This is what happens when everyone reads Harry's story. It was many and many a year ago, in a castle under siege, that a wizard there fought whom you may know by the name of Fred Weasley. I believe these books will clear things up very soon. Give this a shot, I'm trying to make it as believable as possible. Top of Work Index.

harry finds a book about old magic fanfiction

Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. Navigation and Actions Works Bookmarks Filters. Luffy and His Book, Wait What?Summary : Head Auror Harry Potter and his magical partner, Lord Draco Malfoy, are cast back in time against their will and at the whim of fate to right the injustices done during the second blood war.

Draco Malfoy hummed. I see the way people look at you—like they want a piece of you. Each rune had been carefully crafted and placed by someone else before they were ever lovers. The very idea of something so Muggle interacting intimately with his person apparently was more than the Malfoy heir could tolerate.

harry finds a book about old magic fanfiction

Harry had learned a lot about runic magic that night. Harry pulled his fingers out of Draco and cast a wandless lubrication charm so that he could slick himself up a little. He sank in slowly, the first stroke was always overwhelming—the hot, clinging, wet heat produced by the preparation spell had blown his mind the first time.

It was complicated spell work, the more turned on Draco was—the better the spell worked and felt. Harry laughed but stopped the languid roll of his hips. Draco arched up off the mattress, his hands digging, tearing the sheets as Harry fucked him. He stroked himself slowly—a complete counter to the hard, fast fuck he was getting. Within a minute, he was shuddering and shaking through an orgasm. His cum jetted out over his stomach and clung to his fingers as he collapsed on the bed.

Draco shivered as Harry continued to fuck him—over stimulated but unwilling to admit it. Sex was one issue they both worked to keep anger free. Draco snorted. Kingsley Shacklebolt had been the Minister for Magic since the end of the war. It was a post that Harry knew Shacklebolt would fight to keep for as long as he could.

Was it completely handled? Not by a long shot, but they had far reaching plans despite the dire predictions from all over the world about the state of magic and the magical population.Story Author Community Forum. Mostly long fics. No Slash, mostly T or M stories, Staff welcome.

Staff would be Apreciated. He may have found himself traveling in time, relocating to a different universe, sharing his mind, and more. One thing, however, is for certain: they will all be quite interesting and feature him in a relationship with either Tom Riddle or Lord Voldemort. All of the stories in here have either Harry ending up in another universe, has a sibling who's thought to be the boy or girl who lived or, Harry going back in time into the body of his younger self.

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That Old Black Magic (Prologue-Chapter Four)

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