How big of tires can i fit on my chevy 1500

John answered 7 years ago. If I'm correct 33x Be aware that they throw the speedometer off. My 31s ended up being where Spedo said 5 I was Actually going 6 I did all the math by using circumference of the stock tires vs the 31s. So if ur in a 55 and think your safe doing Let me know what the stock tires are measured at and what size you decide to go and I'll figure how much faster it will be.

Michael answered 7 years ago. Yeah my buddy has a lifted Ram with 35's and it does the same thing with the speedometer. The way a tire is measured in metric is the width mm is 9. Idk if you used a tape measure or what but Are you looking for height or mostly the look you get with a wide tire? Height of a tire changes how power is put to the ground and when you start going taller it does deplete gas mileage. It also screws with the odometer.

If this is a weekend driver I say go as big as possible but for an every day driver I think the 's will look awesome and won't hurt the wallet so much. Go to a tire store and ask to see what a looks like.

In the end buy online its way way cheaper and then take it to a shop for install. I forgot. Thanks a lot that helped! I don't wanna be scrapping anything. Also, do you think a leveling kit would work out? I do want to go a little taller, somewhere around sounds good to me and have a wider look as well.

how big of tires can i fit on my chevy 1500

What would you recommend? Since the height is the same as stock and the width is. As for a leveling kit, look at my profile, mine had a 4. I can take just about any shock off the shelf and easily compress it all the way by hand.

I couldn't budge these monomaxs.There, the vehicle manufacturer suggests the most suitable sizes of tires both bigger and smaller for the car. The two most important factors influencing your final choice are the model of your truck and the size of the rims. Looking at the measurements you noted, you will get a picture of what your wider or taller off-road tires may hit. This may be a front bumper or a suspension link. While the sheetmetal is expandable and easy to trim to fit your new tires, this might not work with the suspension.

To get the new potential size of the biggest tires you can fit on your truck, look at the overall clearance you have. When choosing the biggest tires you can fit on your truck, care to measure the backspacing and offset of your wheels. You may need new wheels to put a larger set of tires on it, and the more the backspacing is, the deeper the wheel will sit.

This may make the tire contact the suspension and other parts.

how big of tires can i fit on my chevy 1500

The offset will be the distance between the mounting face and the centerline of the wheel. If the first is located closer to the back of the wheel, the offset is negative. There are pros and cons to lifting the vehicle, and you should consider them before using a kit. The kit includes spacers and details to fit them. They are put between the bed and the cab parts of the truck, usually on top of the original bushings.

The suspension and other inner parts keep their position and distance from the ground. You may also need to modify your bumpers and extend the steering column shaft to fit the new height.

These kits will make it possible to choose the biggest tires to fir on your truck. In this case, you get more clearance by spacing down the current suspension or replacing it with a new one. The latter will gave longer coil springs and spacers, taller leaf springs and different supplements for them, lifted control arms, etc.

The truck may become too top-heavy, causing issues that may not be covered by the warranty of the kit manufacturer. The cost will also depend on the tire shop or dealership you go to. Depends on what you want from your tires. Wider ones with lower aspect ratio usually provide more handling and performance, but they affect the quality of ride.

Usually, a plus-one change getting tires 1 inch larger works the best in terms of performance. Every other inch will offer little gains in handling but big losses in comfort. Technically, yes, as larger tires have more distance on them to cover.

With every revolution, they travel more than the smaller tires would. You might want to calibrate your speedometer after you get new tires, though. It makes the fuel economy worse, as it adds mass to the vehicle, so more fuel in needed to make it move.With the desire for larger tires comes size clearance questions.

Even tire sizes vary from tire manufacturer to tire manufacturer and tire widths play a part in whether a size will fit or not. Also clearance is directly affected by what kind of terrain a vehicle will see. So this chart of information is not an absolute reference and should only be used as general information. We always recommend you talk to others who have the same vehicle and run the tire size you want to run, on the terrain you want to run.

Links to additional Tire Size Charts below. Vehicle Make Model. Avalanche Bronco II. Range Rover. Rover Sport. Allow me to shed some light. A lot of decisions are based on past experience.

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Rough Country Lift 3.5" - Silverado - Don't Do This...

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International Harvester. Scout II.

how big of tires can i fit on my chevy 1500

Land Rover, Range Rover. Defender SL 10BL. BL, SL 8. FT, SL 5. BL, SL 6. FT, SL 1. FT, SL. FT, SL 4.And also what are some cheap performance mods that you guys have experience with and would recomend? I put 's on my truck, no lift, no tweakin the torsion bars, nothing. These three performance mods made it quite a bit faster than stock even with the huge tires.

It more depends on the size of your wheels as to what size tire you can use. Most tire stores will allow you to purchase tires one size over your stock tire size, install them on your factory wheels and support them if you should have trouble. I recently replaced the original factory tires on my Silverado with one size over tires from Discount Tire and have had no problems at all.

I know 's wil fit I had them on my 92 and my friend has them on a I have put R16 on the fit but they rub the fender on the back. You have to turn the torsion bars up though and have a alignment done. If you are not doing the work yourself it can become expensive quickly.

Newer engines with computers are not easy to fool. Des-n-Jes Lv 4. Answer Save. Brandon and Rebecca A. Favorite Answer. Nothing is really cheap, but exhaust, intake, and a programmer are the best I have found. This Site Might Help You.

RE: What is the largest tire size I can put on my stock Silverado ?


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Staff member. Lifetime Membership. Premium Member. Dec 12, 18, 11, West Coast www. Thank you in advance MH. Jan 19, 63 Ashton, Idaho. A bit wide for the stock 6.

Stock size in inches is Last edited: Jan 8, Jan 20, 55 10 8.Christopher answered about a year ago. Justsomebody answered about a year ago. Also anything bigger than stock size will probably rub considering it's a 2wd. And if you want larger tires mabe you should look into getting a 4x4. Not the most cost efficient, I know, but it seems your interest is suited for a 4x4 platform.

So I got a and Chevy will the doors, and everything else body wise fit on the 96 chevy? And what won't fit on the two please help rims, accessories, ext. I want to put a custom grill from a silverado from the year on my silverado and everyone keeps on telling me that it wont fit. Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus.

Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use. Content will be removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it violates our policies. What are the biggest tires i can fit under my Silverado 2wd.

The Biggest Tires You Can Fit on Your Truck

Report Follow. Mark helpful. Your Answer:. Upload Photo Photo optional. Related Questions. Chevrolet Silverado - Car Customization. Find great deals from top-rated dealers TM Search. Used Cars For Sale.With so many options and tires to choose from, it can be a hard decision to find just the right tires for your truck. One of the biggest factors when making that decision is the tire size. If you are considering getting new tires in a different size there are a couple things to keep in mind.

Inside you will find helpful information on your vehicles tires as well as the effects on load capacity and gas mileage. There are several things that factor into the size of your tire. The first is the size of your truck.

A Chevy S is not going to be able to accommodate the same size tires as a Dodge Ram. Also the style and size of your truck rims will effect the maximum size tires you can put on your vehicle. As with most things it is best to consult an expert before you make any purchases. They can advise you about what your specific vehicle can handle so that you can be safe out there on the road.

I apologize for the delayed response. What problems might I encounter? Have a Crew Chevy HD. How big can I go on the tires without a lift? I have a Ford Ranger 3. I have a Suburban z If you are using your existing rims then their size will need to be taken into account — contact us for help. Good video explaining the basics. Our website is built to offer you the rims and wheels that fit your vehicle without rubbing or modification and without you having to use a tape measure and guessing.

My choices of rims are a little limited as I am looking for a plain matte black wheel — I am trying to fill-out the wheel wells without the monster truck look…. What vehicle do you own? It depends, due to offsets, fenders, brakes, etc. Our handy, dandy vehicle search system will point you in the right direction. Depends on the offset of the heels, the size and make and model of tire, and just the truck itself. We can usually give you a safe size if you want to go wider to taller.

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