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During his high school years, Ono aimed to become a professional soccer player and at one point was scouted by the Shimizu S-Pulse. Unfortunately, he stopped playing in the third year as a result of bone fracture. In addition to meeting the voice actor in person at an anime event, this inspired him to pursue the same career. In Marchhe was awarded for "best actors in supporting roles" in the 7th Seiyu Awards.

On October 2,Ono announced his marriage from the last seven years prior in his blog post. His wife is a person who works outside the entertainment industry.

Konno Yuuki

Ono revealed on NHK that his father is also an NHK announcer and hence, under his father's influence, he wanted to try to take more narration works in the future. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Yuuki Ono. This article is about the voice actor. For others, see Yuki Ono disambiguation. Japanese voice actor and singer. Shizuoka PrefectureJapan. Retrieved August 22, Retrieved June 7, Retrieved January 1, Retrieved February 10, Retrieved November 11, WEB De-View. January 9, Retrieved February 8, Anime News Network.

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Seiyuu Yuuki Ono Announces Mar Seiyuu Yuuki Ono Announces Marriage. Seiyuu Yuuki Ono has announced that he left the talent agency Atomic Monkey on Sunday, and now works as a free agent. He also announced that since he is no longer affiliated with the talent agency, he can reveal that he has been married for seven years with a person not related to the industry. Source: Nijimen.Check out the movies and shows we're excited about this month, including " Star Trek: Discovery " and After We Collided.

See the full list. Looking for something to watch? Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Visit our What to Watch page. Sign In. Down 2, this week. Yuki Ono was born on June 22, in Shizuoka, Japan. Born: June 22in Shizuoka, Japan. Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. Share this page:. Favorite Seiyuu.

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yuuki ono

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yuuki ono

How much of Yuki Ono's work have you seen? Known For. Mahou Sentai Magiranger Stunts. Jump to: Actor Stunts Soundtrack Self. Beliarok voice. Isami Aldini voice.

Show all 41 episodes. Haku voice. Kouichi Minato voice. Ono voice. Haitora voice. Louis voice. Show all 11 episodes.Seiyuu Yuuki Ono Announces Marriage. Seiyuu Yuuki Ono has announced that he left the talent agency Atomic Monkey on Sunday, and now works as a free agent. He also announced that since he is no longer a Oct 1, PM by tsubasalover Discuss 21 comments.

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yuuki ono

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Yuki-Onna is a Boss in Nioh. Pronounced YOU-key Oh-na. Yokai women enveloped in a haze of icy cold air. Also treated as incarnations of snow. Yuki-onna is a well known presence in snowy regions; some legends hold that a woman who dies an unatural death during a snowstorm will return as a yuki-onna.

Her breath is so powerfully cold that it freezes on contact, and cases of one breath freezing an entire home to death are not unknown. Her grief over the death of her beloved husband, Oda Nobunaga, froze the city of Kyoto.

It is said if one with the power to control ice and snow is armed with a naginata, they might stand a chance against her. Princess Noh is her common name, taken from her hometown in Mino province modern-day Gifu prefecture.

Her real name is Kicho, Nobunaga loved her noble and fierce personality. They were a happy couple, but perished together in the flames of Honnoji Temple. The Yuki-Onna is a snow-white yokai, with ageless skin and a chilling breath. Cold as ice, she survives on the life force of her victims who she attacks with refined precision and elegance.

She is the source of the Ice Butterflies in the area. Only Youtube Partners can place videos. Embeds from FL channel only - please add your link below if you're a partner. She is rather low health and will go down faster than other bosses. If you attempt to take her down up close it will be a much more difficult battle. In close quarters, dodge to the side when she tosses projectiles and dodge away when she casts her AoE ice and then dash towards her to land some hits.

Taking a punishing strategy works well for melee. Keep your distance until she throws her weapon, then run in and get hits in. Quickly dodge away after doing this to avoid her AoE. She will sometimes walk towards you to attack. Dodge past her to avoid being hit, then punish her for this. As before, always dodge away after attacking to avoid being punished yourself. When she is in her second phase, keeping your distance is crucial. You can interrupt her ranged ice-spike attacks with a quick bow shot.

She will charge up a quick and devestating dashing attack during this phase. Dodge to the side to avoid being hit by this. If you are far enough away, she will end the attack before getting to you, offering you a chance to get a few hits in. As usual, keep your Guardian Spirit conserved until these final phases. A detailed Strategy goes here. It should feature details on the build, level and recommended weapons and items as well as counters for specific attacks.

Yuki-Onna has two attack phases. In the first phase, she will use a ranged attack where she throws her weapon. She will also launch several ice-spikes at you if you are distant. In close quarters she will use several AoE attacks to keep you away. In the second Phase, she will use ice-spike attacks that use more spikes.She was also known for creating the eleven-hit Original Sword Skill named Mother's Rosario in the game.

She spent her last moments of life while logged on to ALO in Asuna 's arms, surrounded by her friends and more than a thousand other players. Yuuki had short, black-brown hair [10] and, in the final moments of her life, she had extremely pale skin, which made her look very sick. In ALfheim Online, Yuuki's avatar was a slim Imp with milky white with a hint of purple skin, lustrous and gorgeous, long, purplish-black hair, and red eyes.

She wore obsidian chest armour, a bluebottle violet tunic and a windswept skirt of the same colour beneath the armour. A thin, black sheath hung on her waist. Yuuki was the kind of person willing to live life to the fullest even in her critical condition, when she died peacefully in happiness.

She believed some things must be done in forceful means for the other party to understand. Konno Yuuki was born on May 23, Due to dystocia, a caesarean section had to be performed. An accident during this operation caused a large amount of bleeding and thus a blood transfusion was necessitated.

By the time the virus was detected, the entire family was already infected. As rumors about Yuuki spread around the school, she was forced to transfer schools. At that moment, Yuuki's immune system began collapsing, resulting in her being hospitalised after contracting pneumocystis pneumonia in In February[17] after contracting esophageal candidiasis, Yuuki received an offer from Doctor Kurahashi to test the first experimental Medicuboid prototype, which had just been completed.

Due to the recent occurrence of the Sword Art Online Incident, few people were willing to test the FullDive machine's capabilities, though the requirements of careful maintenance and clean location for the Medicuboid would result in a drastically reduced risk of infection for the patient. While Yuuki's family was concerned by the requisite of her constant confinement to a sterile room and inability to interact with anyone, she herself was attracted by the possibilities of the virtual world and agreed to the experiment.

On May 11,Yuuki was dozing in the Teal Hills area of Serene Garden when Ran alerted her to a news article detailing the national police agency's plan to simultaneously release the victims of the Sword Art Online Incident from their NerveGears. The twins discussed the government's proposition to break into all the player's NerveGears and destroy the batteries at the same time, as well as Kayaba Akihiko 's reason for creating the death game.

As Yuuki surveyed the areas around their location, she remembered how she, her sister, and their parents had managed to spend one hour with each other in Serene Garden before the latter's deaths.

When Ran proposed to gather some herbs, Yuuki agreed with the idea. As they had not brought any instruments for catching insects, Yuuki decided to capture it with her bare hands, thus she stealthily approached it, successfully seizing the beetle just before it could fly away. While pondering on her next course of action, she was startled when a girl appeared at her side, declaring that she had been hunting the rare insect for the past hour.

Although Yuuki claimed ownership of the stag beetle by right of first catch, she went silent when the newcomer observed that the former had no cage to safely transport the insect back to her home. Prompted by Ran, as well as realizing that the girl was better suited to take care of the beetle, Yuuki offered it to her without requesting anything in return. When Ran proposed to let her name the creature in lieu of a trade, Yuuki decided upon naming it Roy. After the insect was secured, Yuuki and Ran introduced themselves to the girl, who revealed her name to be Merida and suddenly collapsed, prompting Yuuki to catch her.

After Merida recovered, Yuuki felt concerned over the former's condition in the real world, as her presence in Serene Garden and her calm attitude towards her fainting indicated that she was suffering a brain-related issue not meant to be taken lightly. After hearing how Merida had been playing another FullDive game before Serene Garden, Yuuki agreed to her suggestion to continue their discussion over tea in the village.Damn it, Shiranui Male, Female, 1.

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